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Maternity and Newborn Session Tips

Preparing for your Maternity Session

What to wear:

I recommend wearing similar outfits of neutrals with pops of colour in the same colour tones. E.g. Creams and blues, grays and blues, creams and whites look nice as well. Dresses look lovely too. Spring/Summer time sessions look great with pastel and bright colours. If your session is in the Fall/Winter darker colours look best and it's a great time to use those boots, sweaters, and scarfs.

What to bring:

If you have any baby props you want to use; sonograms, shoes, toys, or clothes on a hanger etc. those are always so cute!

If you have little ones you may want to bring a stroller/wagon, there will be a few minutes of walking.

Some snacks/treats for your kids are always a nice way to end a photo session and a job well done.


Huron Natural Area - 801 Trillium Dr. Kitchener. We can meet in the parking lot on site. 

Preparing for your Newborn Session

My address is

24 Krug St, Kitchener.

Please park on the road or beside the white car at the front, and leave the lane-way open for our other spaces.

If you could kindly bring the remaining payment with you. I accept cash, cheque or Email Money Transfer.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask. Looking forward to meeting your little baby! 

What to expect

This is a guide for achieving best results. 

Once you have your baby let me know and we will book in your session. Plan on bringing your baby in 4-14 days after birth.

I use a space heater to keep the studio nice and toasty, since sometimes I do photos with just a blanket. So you may want to wear a top/sweater that you can take off.

I do have lots of props, blankets, etc but please bring anything you want. The session is approx 2-3 hours, this allows time for feedings, changing diapers, and putting the babies back to sleep.

Try to keep your baby awake for 2 hours prior to the session. Tickle their feet, bounce with them. Give them a bath, keep them undressed with a diaper on, and let them fuss a little. It might be hard on you but this will ensure some sleepy photos.

Plan to feed your baby upon arrival to the studio.

What to bring?

3 times the amount of food, extra clothes, wipes, diapers, pacifier & any special baby blanket, or accessories. Pack some snacks, and drinks for everyone attending.

Family & Sibling Photos

If you would like do to Family photos I do recommend starting the sessions with these.

Try to wear neutrals or matching colour tones for these photos. Avoid clothing with busy patterns

If you are bringing older siblings, I recommend making arrangements for them to be picked up or dropped off after these photos, the sessions can be quite long for the little ones. 

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